Destiny of Happiness

Children's Orphanage in Uganda


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You can make your donations through the Wester Union and World Remit platforms. Thank you so mucho for your support to the Orphanage!

Support for the orphanage

Giving/Supporting has no exemption of what you contribute and whoever manages to reach out to those going through hard times with the...

The Malaria Prevention Project

If a smile is all you can offer to change someone's life, please never hesitate to do it. It up to us to turn over the world the other...

Let's be HUMAN, Let's be Nice

It's true that Drinking a soda doesn't make you a soda. But believe me when I tell you that doing Human acts makes you Human since it's...

Be the reason

Be the reason why someone believes in the Greatness of God. Gratitudes to everyone helping us guide the Ugandan young Orphaned and needy...

Welcome to Destiny of happiness.

All the young Orphaned souls on this planet deserve a chance in this world. We call upon sponsor who can support at Least one kid at a...

Positive mindset

Helping is a positive mindset of anyone who vibrates on the frequency Faith, Love, Peace and Simplicity because of a person opens up to...



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